Parasite Immunology

Maximum parasites, by the character of their continuous interaction with the system, generate a prolific immune response. Sadly, the abundance of this response isn't protecting, and a few are harmful. protecting immunity in some infections is due to a combination of substance and cellular immunity; during this circumstance parasites area unit coated with a protein that creates them liable to direct toxicity by macrophages, eosinophils, and neutrophils. Protein alone is protecting against another infection. Nonspecific and genetic factors area unit clearly necessary however area unit still indefinable participants within the host response. The immune response is additionally unhealthful by inducement hypersensitivity, immunologically mediate pathology, or current immune complexes. In addition, Parasites have evolved distinctive ways that of protecting themselves from the system, together with fixing their substance coat and inducement immunological disorder. Makes an effort to isolate "host-protective" antigens in parasitic infections that could end in effective immunizing agent development.·