Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy


The branch of biology that deals with the interaction between the immune system and tumor cells. This study is most relevant to the result of novel therapies for cancer treatment. Immuno-oncology (Cancer immunotherapy)  is the non-natural stimulation of the immune system that provides cancer, cultivating on the immune system's normal capability to combat the disease. It is an application of the vital research of cancer immunology and a rising sub specialty of oncology. It exploits the point that cancer cells often have tumor antigens, molecules on their outward that can be sensed by the antibody proteins of the immune system, binding to them. The tumor antigens are often proteins or other macromolecules (e.g. carbohydrates). Usual antibodies fix to external pathogens, but the enhanced immunotherapy antibodies fix to the tumor antigens pattern and recognizing the cancer cells for the immune system to inhibit or kill..